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We are pleased and delighted to say that we have been successful in the home renovation services for the past few years and have catered many kinds of customer requirements. We offer a range of standard readymade and also customized designs.
Our team consists of experienced and excellent designers who can avail you the complete support from consulting as well as suggesting the new look of your house.we offer the designs from traditional and modern designs which may be suitable as per your choice.
We follow an easy procedure for the entire process of renovation and we offer an exclusive free no obligation consultation at your house and offer the choices and advice from our experts based on the basic construction of your house and also the area where it is located. We ensure timely completion of the work we undertake and assure you a decent quality of work with standard materials used.
We work with many world-class design agencies and also global painting partners which are added feathers to our crown. We have outlets across the country making it easier for our customers to have an easy option to choose us to be your renovation partners.
Another exciting feature is that we have various discount options when you choose for a complete renovation. These discounts are not to just attract more customers but a chance for them to know more about our company and our work.check out for more details on our online portal and also the catalogs at our dealers end at every main area of your cities.
You may also log on to our website for more details and book an appointment with us to have your free consultation. You can also go through our customer reviews on our page along with the pictures of our work. This will help you to decide on the question why you should choose our service to magnify and beautify your homes. We extend a warm welcome to all our customers and look forward to work with you!


Home is a place where our heart and soul lives. A house made of bricks and cement changes into a home when there is a lot of feeling and emotions connected with it. Home décor is something which plays a dual role in enhancing the beauty of the house and also by giving a pleasant feeling. It can range from simple things in flooring, windows, curtains and till keeping handicrafts and other things what you like it may be wall hangings, wind chimes, feng shui items etc. More information on kitchens and prices can be found at here at tradesmenprices.
Things in this sector have been made more simple with companies taking up this as a full-time business, there is an option to do décor and furnishing for brand new homes and for old homes like rework. Both are very beneficial and very economically priced options are also found. You can find the prices for everything on the company website and also catalogs available at their shops. The most interior decorators collaborate with the real estate business so that they can offer the cheaper prices.
They do the entire furnishing from kitchen cupboards, wardrobes in bedrooms, showcases in the dining hall and living hall, window decorators used for keeping plants etc. Check for the window prices here.


You can renovate your house in an effective manner by following some steps and making plans effectively. Here are few most important methods and techniques to follow when you have a plan of renovation for your house. They are discussed below:

Divide and conquer:

You need to make a clear plan of how you want to do the changes to your house, u can divide them in order of priority. You can make the ideas into a plan and act on it accordingly.


Since you want to renovate your house in an economical way, you need to frame a budget from the different quotations available from various builders. This can help you to get to know about the options in a broader way.

Research: & Concentrate on doors:

Learning to research about what you require can make you feel awesome as you can begin to find the items you require and the cheapest prices. Also take advantage of online shopping, second-hand buying and thrift stores. You will be amply benefitted.
Doors create the first impression, so even if you don’t want to change the door often, ensure you do the painting for the doors often. Go for lighter shades for your door which can look great with wall color and enhance the beauty and also the lighting for the house.

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Painting with lighting in mind: & Making small rooms look bigger:

Painting will affect lighting and if you go for a multi-colored palette you may have problems matching it with light but definitely, you can go ahead with black and white which are safe, and always rich looking and the utmost thing is they are budget friendly.
Another technique while renovating your small house is to make it look bigger by using mirrors. This can be inexpensive and innovative also.

Kitchen and storage: & Concentrate on windows:

Doing the kitchen refurbishment will be something which is most needed as that the place used most in all house and requires more storage capacity. For this, you can get readymade kitchen through the companies who do it, if looking for inexpensive set up you can also do DIY kitchen cabinets and also take a look at thrift shops for more on these.
While remodeling your house go for large windows so that you can get a nice view of the outer side which can give you a nice experience of exposure and not make you feel lonely.

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Bathroom renovation: & Floor refurbishment:

Again you have the option of completely changing to a new set of the toilet or else you can do only the painting of walls and toilet cabinets to make it look as good as new.
Floors could be the most expensive part of renovating your house but you can always renovate everything else according to your floor design. hence that can be also fixed.

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Thus the key to redecorating your house and making it look it beautiful yet inexpensively is to make a self-plan for yourself and paint an entire picture of what you actually want and do it step by step do each part of your house and finally take it to a bigger picture.

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